People showed their genetic chips (18 photos)

Sometimes genetics likes to play pranks and make people unexpected surprises. Let’s just warn you: everything is in order with their health. It’s just that these guys have their own special chips from birth, which immediately distinguish them from the general background. Let’s take a look at these «genetic chips».

I have a constantly dilated pupil

This guy has an abnormally long tongue

People say I have big hands. Can of beer for comparison

I have a finger that stays permanently white

My hands with Marfan syndrome

Marfan’s syndrome is a hereditary disease characterized by the presence of long, disproportionate hands, elongated fingers, and a thin, elongated face.

My facial hair grows in a spiral on one side

I have straight hair

I have incredibly long hair growing on my forehead

My son has tangled hair syndrome

Because of this, his hair becomes very soft, white and naughty. They look like fiberglass.

My wife has a mole on her palm

My newborn baby has hairy ears

On a full moon… you have to be on your guard!

I have a skin anomaly called dermographism

Because of this, light scratches on the skin cause raised red lines that go away on their own within thirty minutes.

This is what the hair on my newborn son’s head looks like

This girl has a mole on her eye

Child with gray hair. He is in good health

cat eye syndrome

I have an extra tooth growing in my palate

My son has real vampire teeth and his favorite food is ketchup. Is it a coincidence?

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People showed their genetic chips (18 photos)